Healed Of PILES! | Interactive Prayer Testimony

“I was having the problem of piles for 2 years. Before the man of God prayed for me, I was feeling very heavy over my body. I was feeling uncomfortable because of the piles. But during the prayer session when the man of God was praying, before he even came to me I started to feel a force that was pulling my legs. The force pulling my legs was very powerful and I ended up kneeling down. And then my turn for prayer came when the man of God prayed for me. I didn’t know what happened, I just fell down. And after that, I heard him pray and ask me to stand up. And when I stood up, I felt really light. I’m now feeling comfortable; the pain of the piles has gone. Now I can manage to stand and sit comfortably. There is no pain anymore; I can stand now. I am feeling normal like any other person. I give glory to God. Thank You Jesus for my deliverance!” – Babethe, Botswana

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