“Grace and peace to you, Brother Chris, and the entire God’s Heart TV Team. My name is Canisius from Yaoundé in Cameroon. I am a government driver, working with the Ministry of Trade. I want to share with you three wonderful things that the Lord has done for me through the Interactive Prayers.

“I had been working for six years without promotion, which would normally come after every two years. So, I was supposed to have been promoted three times – but none was forthcoming. This stagnation confused me. I was opportune to discover God’s Heart TV on Facebook and was delighted to listen to the sermons and encouraging words of Brother Chris. I also listened to the wonderful testimonies of brethren about the works of God in their lives. Even more interestingly, I discovered I could send a prayer request and be prayed for, which is something I did right away towards the end of March 2024. To the glory of God, I received an email inviting me to join the Interactive Prayer Service on April 6. During the prayer, Brother Chris prayed purposely for promotion in careers and I grabbed it with a believing amen. Less than a week after the prayer, two of my promotions were released, to the glory of God! Thank You, Jesus Christ.

“Over the years, I experienced a spiritual attack whereby there would be the noise of animals moving on my roof crying loudly, especially during sleep time. The noise would come into the ceiling directly on top of my bed. At times, it’s like they would be fighting and because of this, I always found it difficult to sleep. At a point it occurred to me that it was spiritual because when it happened, I would often face crisis in my marriage. Three days after the Interactive Prayer, early in the morning, a very big dead cat was discovered behind my house. Since then, I have never experienced such attacks! Glory to Jesus who fought the battle for me through the prayers of His servant, Brother Chris.

“Finally, on November 22, 2023, I had a serious bike accident in which only the grace of God kept me alive. Despite the severity of the shock, the x-ray revealed no internal bleeding or even a broken rib. But I had to live with an excruciating pain inside my thorax for six months. I could lift nothing above ten kilos and couldn’t find a comfortable sleeping position. It felt like all my internal organs were shaken out of their place due to the violence of the shock. During the Interactive Prayer Service on June 1, Brother Chris said we should place our hand anywhere we had the pain. I placed my hand on my chest and prayed along. Two days later, I discovered that the pain was gone. Glory to Jesus Christ! Before, when I tried to bend down and carry something, it would be as if my internal organs were touching each other and it was very painful but after the prayer, I am able to lift heavy loads without pain.

“I want to thank you so much Brother Chris for availing yourself for God’s use to bring release to His people. God bless your ministry in Jesus’ name! For anyone suffering from any affliction, remember the words of Jesus in Matthew 19:26: ‘With God, all things are possible’. Put your trust in Him and you will never be confounded in time or eternity. Jesus Christ is Lord. Amen!”