“My name is Jonathan. I am from Zambia. My baby’s name is Jemimah. By the grace of God, Jemimah was born on November 29, 2023. After a few days, the baby became so sick. At around 7pm, she was rushed to the clinic and I joined the mother from there. Several examinations were made but the situation was just worsening and that’s when we were transferred to the biggest hospital in the country, the University Teaching Hospital. There, she was put on an oxygen machine. I could not believe what was going on but one thing I had in my heart was the belief that from this situation, a lot of people would come to know Jesus Christ is the Healer. Whilst my body was panicking, my heart was calm.

“When I went outside to share with my family what was going on, I was called back and told that they had to do a lumbar puncture. All they wanted to hear from me and the mother was a go ahead. I was shaking from the outside but my heart was telling me there’s a way out – Jesus Christ! I knelt down whilst praying and boldly told them to give us 24 hours. We said if the condition didn’t improve, then they could go ahead with the lumbar puncture. While this was happening, I had already gotten the invite from God’s Heart TV and Brother Chris to join the Interactive Prayers on Saturday December 2.

“On Saturday, I joined the service from home while she was still on the oxygen machine. We were encouraged to forgive whoever had wronged us and not to hold onto offence. Brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers – I have never felt like that in my life! As I was praying, I lost control of my mouth and of myself. I found myself kneeling down and all of a sudden, I experienced this inner peace and just started laughing. I didn’t know what was going on. I couldn’t even control my laughter. Before the service ended, I had so much confidence to say the battle had been won and indeed we were going to testify to the goodness of the Lord.

“A few minutes later, I just received a call saying she had been removed from the oxygen! Praise Jesus Christ! When I went to see her that same evening, I had confidence in my heart saying, ‘A lot of people shall come to Christ because of the testimony we are going to give for glory of God!’ After two days, the head of the department went around and she asked what the baby was doing there. The nurses explained and she was told about how and why they wanted to perform a lumbar puncture. Her response was, ‘I am happy the parents didn’t accept that’. Being a man of faith, I knew something – Jesus Christ had removed what was impossible from a human perspective. From the teachings of God’s servant, Prophet T.B. Joshua, I knew that doctors treat; God heals.

“With God’s mercy, Jemimah is now over six months old and is doing very well. Indeed, God’s mercy spoke and it has been speaking. She’s so healthy and really reminds me of God’s goodness and favour. We named her after one of Job’s children. Thank You, Lord Jesus Christ, for Your mercy and grace that surpasses human understanding. I also want to thank Brother Chris and God’s Heart TV for allowing yourselves to be used by God as His vessels. God bless you more!”