“I am giving the Lord thanks this morning for His goodness and mercy. I had back pain for many years that I could not get rid of. I went to the doctor, did an x-ray and all sorts of things and they didn’t see anything but I still had this pain. During the Interactive Prayer, I noticed the following day that the pain was no more. The pain wasn’t there and I can say that God is amazing! I am here now starting my farming by weeding out my crops. Just to show you God is good and what the Lord has done for me! For many years I didn’t do any farming because of the pain. God is good! Now to show you I can stoop. For many years I could not stoop. I could not do this since I was 30 years old. My God! I cannot believe it! God is good to me. I can stoop for the first time since I was 30 until now when I am 62. To God be the glory!

Also, Seventeen years ago, I had a C-Section and from that time, I had been suffering with this leakage. Every time, to pass my urine, I couldn’t hold it. I had to use a sanitary napkin in order to stop me from wetting myself. So, after the Interactive Prayer, the following day going to the Monday, I noticed that I no longer wet. I said, “Thank You, Jesus!” From all this time, I had been uncomfortable. I was tired of the situation and God helped me. God answered my prayer and dried up this leakage which the doctor could not solve. Thanks be to God!” – Vivlyn, Jamaica

"I Am Totally FREE!" | Testimony from Hong Kong