God’s Heart TV is supporting a local ministry in Kharkiv, Ukraine, which provides food packages to the disabled, pensioners and vulnerable families. Kharkiv is currently a war zone. Sadly, many homes and livelihoods have been destroyed in the ongoing violence. Eight groups of volunteers – who risk danger daily to help the most disadvantaged – take food packages and medicine across the city.

“Greetings. I am one of the volunteers who stayed in Kharkiv, Ukraine. I sent out my wife and seven month old child so I could serve people who stayed in the war zone, in the zone of bombing. With the help of God’s Heart TV, we can serve people – disabled and elderly people who could not leave their apartments. We bring them food packs which literally add an extra two weeks of life. We are very grateful that your heart is bleeding with our heart and we have the same burden. Thank you for your support, help and soft heart for Ukraine and for our town.” – Vyacheslav in Kharkiv, Ukraine

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