“Praise the Lord! My name is Onesimo from South Africa. I would like to share my testimony! I graduated from the University of South Africa in 2023 and have been trusting God for a job. I had submitted my applications to many schools and companies but there was no reply. For seven months, I had been sitting at home depressed because I really needed a job to support my family. My mum is not working and my dad is trying his level best to support the family – but one income is not enough for our big family, especially with the South African economic challenges. Everything is just too expensive. I received prayer from Brother Chris last year in 2023. I had sent a prayer request that time because I was sick and after the prayer, I received my healing! But what prompted me to send a prayer request this time around to partake in the Interactive Prayer Service was that I really needed the breakthrough of a job. I was starting to get frustrated, demotivated and depressed because my family was facing a financial problem.

“By God’s special grace, the God’s Heart TV Team invited me to join the Interactive Prayer via Zoom on April 6th 2024 with Brother Chris. During the prayer, I experienced vibration in my body for a few minutes when Brother Chris was offering a special prayer for people trusting God for employment breakthrough. After the prayer, I had faith that my breakthrough was on the way! Two days after the Interactive Prayer with Brother Chris, a friend of mine who is a teacher called me and told me that she was getting a permanent position in another school. She said that she would like to recommend me to her boss as she was leaving. She contacted her boss and recommended me before she resigned. Her boss called me the following day to come for an interview. I was so happy, excited and in awe of God’s grace. I couldn’t believe it! Everything happened so quickly. I was interviewed on Wednesday and I passed the interview. The headmaster of the school told me to report for duty on Thursday. And just like that – I got the job.

“My first day of work was amazing. My new colleagues were so welcoming and kind. They showed me around the school and shared with me everything I needed to know. Six years ago, I prayed for a healthy working environment and to work at a multiracial school close to my home and God has finally answered and given me exactly what I prayed for in detail! Today, I’m a teacher at a multiracial school teaching my home language. I’m so grateful to Jesus for this miracle. A million thanks are not enough for Him! By the grace of God, I am now earning a stable income and will be able to support my family and God’s projects. Thank You, Jesus! I want to say thank you to the God’s Heart TV Team and Brother Chris for allowing God to use you. God’s Heart TV has been a blessing to my family and I. May God bless you all. Better is not good enough; the best is yet to come!”