Interactive Prayer

Interactive Prayer is an opportunity to receive prayer directly from Brother Chris anywhere you are in the world through the innovation of modern technology.

During the global lockdown in 2020 amidst the COVID-19 pandemic when people were unable to physically assemble for church services, God inspired fresh ways in which to minister to people in need of prayer. Interactive Prayer is one such Divine inspiration! It involves those who request for prayer connecting via video link from their homes around the world and prayer is then ministered to them from a studio environment. By God’s grace, Brother Chris participated in numerous Interactive Prayer Sessions at the Emmanuel TV Studios in Lagos, Nigeria – with remarkable results and testimonies following just as if prayer were offered physically with the laying-on-of-hands.

Whilst this may seem unconventional, the Scriptures are full of examples that show God is not restricted by human barriers such as distance. In Matthew 8:8, the Roman Centurion said to Jesus, “Speak the Word and my servant shall be healed” – and it was so at that very moment. Only a Word from Jesus was needed to bring an incredible miracle which defied human comprehension! As the Bible says in Mark 9:23 – “Everything is possible to him who believes”.

Here is an example of Brother Chris ministering Interactive Prayer from the God’s Heart TV Studio:

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Take note – Interactive Prayer does involve appearing and being recorded via video and we understand this may not be conducive or appropriate for everyone. You can also submit a general prayer request here.