WhatsApp Daily Encouragement

Do you want to receive daily words of encouragement, short sermon clips, faith-building testimonies and regular updates from Brother Chris and the God’s Heart TV Team on WhatsApp?

Simply click on this link – https://whatsapp.com/channel/0029VaEKmrs3bbVA7fxPZp1U – and accept the invitation to follow the God’s Heart TV Daily Encouragement channel on WhatsApp. Once you have followed the channel, you will start receiving daily encouragement directly to your phone via WhatsApp!

Please note that we respect your privacy and following this channel does NOT share your contact details with anyone else. You are also free to stop following the channel at any time.

We strongly encourage you to share the messages and words of encouragement you receive from God’s Heart TV with your other contacts, through your social media channels or via your WhatsApp status! Remember, every Christian is a missionary, evangelist and witness!

If any of your friends, family or colleagues would like to receive these daily words of encouragement, you are welcome to share the link with them to invite them to follow the channel, or direct them to this page.

Continue to seek God’s heart to see life clearly, in Jesus’ name!