Luke 8:39 – “Return home and tell how much God has done for you.” So the man went away and told all over town how much Jesus had done for him.

Sharing your testimony is an opportunity to publicly acknowledge God’s goodness in your life – as well as an encouragement for others to seek help from Him! If you have a testimony to share through the ministry of God’s Heart TV, we would love to hear from you.

Please share your testimony by following the instructions here.

Below you can read a few of the wonderful testimonies we have already received here at God’s Heart TV. Reading these will help you remember that our God is faithful and true, a rock against which you can lean your faith, even as the storms of life swirl and the winds of mourning howl around you. No matter your situation, declare God’s faithfulness! Declaring God’s faithfulness did not eliminate the giant that David faced, but it strengthened David to face the giant.


“My name is Emily from the United Kingdom. I had previously been having severe pains and aches during my menstruation, sometimes even missing it. I never thought much of it until we were looking to conceive. My sister wrote a prayer request to God’s Heart

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“Grace and peace to you all at God’s Heart TV! I am blessed and grateful to testify of the goodness of our Lord Jesus Christ. I was tormented by unclean spirits in my house, mostly in my bedroom. During the prayer with Brother Chris, my

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“I had a problem with a breast lump on the right side. I went to the hospital and was examined by the doctor, who put me on medication for a week. After taking the whole course, there was no improvement. I was part of the

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“I am Keth from Nagaland, India. I am here to testify to the goodness of God and the miracle that He did in my life after attending the online prayer session with Brother Chris and God’s Heart TV on 4th March 2023. Before attending the

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“On 12th November 2022, I was opportune to join the Interactive Prayer Service with Brother Chris. I was prayed for by Brother Chris. I had a problem that was diagnosed in my right eye. There was a blood vessel that was touching where I am

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“I suffered from a cervical problem for over 10 years. I had a serious deviation in my cervical spine. This caused me constant pain, inflammation and nausea. But for the glory of God and by His mercy, I can say today that through the prayer

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An amazing life in a relationship with Jesus!

“I had basically swapped my relationship for religion – and that is a big problem in the church today. People have swapped relationship for religion and this is why most people walk around like dry sticks – because they haven’t got the reality. They’ve just

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“The BLEEDING Stopped!” – Healing In JAPAN!

“My name is Yoshiko. I am from Japan. My testimony goes like this. I attended an Interactive Prayer Service on 22nd May 2022. I was suffering from anxiety and unbelief. When Brother Chris began to pray, my womb began to contract and became as hard

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HEALING From Heart Pain In Zambia!

“Before the prayer, I used to experience some sharp pain in my heart for two years and eleven months. Then I was also experiencing some stomach aches. I was taking different kinds of aspirin. Then, I was also taking magnesium for the stomach issue. I

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Healing In ZIMBABWE! | Interactive Prayer Testimony

“In 2021, I had a distal third radius fracture in my right hand. I was managed by surgery. They put titanium plates and screws to hold my bone together. They put titanium plates and screws to hold my bone together. Thereafter, I started reacting to

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“I am giving the Lord thanks this morning for His goodness and mercy. I had back pain for many years that I could not get rid of. I went to the doctor, did an x-ray and all sorts of things and they didn’t see anything

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