“My name is Pulane from South Africa. God answered me during the Interactive Prayer Service on June 1, 2024. My testimony goes like this! Since 2013, I had faced career stagnation, depression, isolation and rejection. I had applied for work, submitted my CV and nothing worked! Then in 2023, I got a part-time role in a clinic, which is due to end in August 2024. I was even thinking of enrolling for a course in the health sector. As I was just about to enrol, I received a call asking if I knew someone who wanted to be an Executive Personal Assistant – because many years ago, I used to be a personal assistant to a well-known businessman in South Africa. I thought I should apply myself, which I did and was called for a screening interview. The report was given to the CEO of a big company in South Africa and he wasn’t impressed with my CV – that’s the feedback I got.

“Now, here is how the right hand of God’s power worked! I decided to send my prayer request to God’s Heart TV where I stated my situation. During the service, while the network was bad, I saw a pop-up notification on my phone saying, ‘I want to talk to you’. But I decided not to open the message until the prayer had finished. As I was waiting for the network connection, in my heart I was asking God to position me for healing, deliverance and blessing. The prayer started. I prayed and believed. I felt nothing but calmness in my heart. When the prayer ended, I opened the message and it said, ‘Call HR tomorrow’ (Sunday). I was surprised because on Sunday, the Human Resources department would not usually be working but I sent a message. They called back and invited me to come in on Monday because the CEO wanted to interview me himself. My heart nearly come out! I researched this CEO on Google – because he is a well-known man.

“That Sunday, I had a dream where arrows were being shot at me but couldn’t land on me. Both myself and my husband woke up and prayed with Brother Chris’ words – ‘Rise above that nightmare!’ I rose above them and went back to sleep. People of God, when I went for the interview, I felt the presence of God – as if I was guided by angels. There were even strangers there encouraging me that I would get the job. When the time for the interview came, I was invited to a huge board room where he interviewed me. When the interview was finished, I saw other candidates waiting to be interviewed. As I walked out, I received a call asking for my ID number and address – for an offer letter. He chose me while others still waited to be interviewed! I then received a call that they were preparing my office to be next to the CEO. I have never had an office! As I am writing this, I was saying to myself, ‘I don’t even need an office!’ It’s too much of a miracle! I am still in shock about God’s level of grace in my life! It’s like I am dreaming – how God turned my life around just like that.

“My advice is from the words in the book of Isaiah 62:6-7 – ‘Give God no rest until He establishes you, until He answers you.’ God can do it just like that! And To God’s Heart TV, thank you Brother Chris for allowing God to use you to reach His people. May God continue to increase you. Amen!”