Healed From Arthritis In GHANA! | Interactive Prayer Testimony

“I was suffering from knee pain and back pain. I have been to several hospitals and laboratories – from one laboratory to the other. Finally, I was diagnosed to have arthritis and I was placed on tablets and painkillers, which couldn’t help me; I couldn’t sleep at night. I had difficulty in walking and the painkillers were not helping me, so I decided to connect with God’s Heart TV. I thank God so much – right after the prayers, I noticed the pain has gone down. By evening time when I went to bed, I was able to sleep without the tablets. I woke up in the morning and noticed my walking has changed. Gradually, each and everyday, I saw improvements in my walking. Today, by the grace of God, I can even bend my knee. People of God, we thank God for what He has done for me. I want to encourage each and everyone to trust in Jesus. If you have any problem, let your focus be on Jesus.” – Clifford, Ghana

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