Healed Of Arthritis In FRANCE!

“I am now on my knees – something I could not do before because of arthritis. After the Interactive Prayer on Saturday, when I woke up the following morning, I felt very light and good in my skin and head. But on top of all, when I walked, I had no pain at all! Usually, whenever I went out, I had to wear this knee brace which you can see here. Now, I don’t need it anymore; I don’t need this knee brace! As you can see in the mirror, I am on my knees and I feel no pain! I had a lot of injections and took a lot of medication but it was always the same. The pain kept returning as if I had never taken any treatment. These injections were very painful but by God’s grace, I don’t need them anymore. I was always sad, depressed, having headaches and dizziness. But I can now tell you by God’s grace that after the prayer, I have none of those. I don’t feel dizzy. I don’t have headaches. I sleep well at night. Thank You, Lord. Hallelujah!” – Bibi, France

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