Healed Of Fibroids In ZAMBIA! | Interactive Prayer Testimony

“The problem that made me write to God’s Heart TV was simply because of fibroids, which caused pain on the left part of my abdomen. Apart from that, I used to feel very dizzy. Every time I would go to teach, which is my profession, I used to feel very dizzy as if I could even fall down. By the grace of God, I and my husband prayed with Brother Chris. Immediately he was ministering the prayer, I vomited blood substances. Immediately after that, I felt very light in my body and even slept very well. I no longer feel pain on this left abdomen. Every time I used to press it, I would feel pain but now I can press it freely. There is no more pain in my body. I can teach without having any problems. I can even lie on my front; there is no more pain. Thank You, Jesus, for setting me free!” – Mphandese, Zambia

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