HEALING from ceased menstruation and swollen leg! ¦ Interactive Prayer Testimony

“From January 2020, I had not seen my periods. But after the prayer from Brother Chris, I am now seeing my period! We were praying and then I felt something came out. After we finished praying, I went to the bathroom to check and when I checked, my pants were stained! I am happy because I feel so light! I feel like a human being now. Before, my body was heavy; I couldn’t do this or that. But I’m now free! I’m free and happy because I’ve received my deliverance. And that is not all. I had an issue with my left leg which was swollen for over a year. That made me not to move or walk for a long distance or put on closed shoes. I was always in my flip-flops. As we were praying, I received my healing and this is the leg. This leg was swollen. I am patting it now; I am able to do this. I wasn’t able to do this before – thank God for my healing!” – Stacey, Zambia

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