“My name is Riziki, living in South Africa but from the Democratic Republic of Congo. I am writing this testimony to you with tears of joy for what the Lord has done for me. I cannot describe my joy really!

My nine-year old son was diagnosed with meningitis. After the doctors had tried to treat this meningitis, his condition got worse and they decided to transfer us to a bigger hospital. When we arrived at this big hospital, doctors came to me and explained that my son was very sick and they didn’t know if they would be able to save him in time because the diagnosis was confusing and nothing made sense. They told me that my son’s kidney was injured already and there was a big possibility that even his brain was affected. My son was paralysed on one side, from the head to his feet. He could not see, talk, stand or eat. He was defecating on the bed where he was just lying. His condition was very scary and I was there desperate, crying day and night.

Then I remembered about God’s Heart TV and Brother Chris. I grabbed my cell phone and started writing a prayer request for my son. I received a response from God’s Heart TV and to the glory of God, two days after sending that email, my son’s condition started to change! Doctors were amazed to see such a fast improvement in my son’s condition! However, they said my son would need to go to a rehabilitation centre after the treatment because of his disability and it was only there they could help with the recovery of his body and brain.

So, we started preparing to go to the rehabilitation centre while receiving the treatment. The doctors continued doing several tests on my son’s body and organs – and for the glory of God, the results started coming out negative! After seven days at this big hospital, my son was already fine and strong! The kidney was healed already and the doctors kept telling me every day how impressed they were at his fast recovery! They didn’t understand how his condition was improving every day – to the extent that he did not even need to go to the rehabilitation centre because he was now eating, running, talking sensibly and reasoning logically. So, they decided to discharge us from the hospital! We are now home and my son has even returned back to school! I am so grateful to God Almighty, to Brother Chris and to the whole God’s Heart TV Team! May the Lord keep using you to save people. I was feeling like it was the end of my life. May God bless you good Servants of the Living God!”