“The BLEEDING Stopped!” – Healing In JAPAN!

“My name is Yoshiko. I am from Japan. My testimony goes like this. I attended an Interactive Prayer Service on 22nd May 2022. I was suffering from anxiety and unbelief. When Brother Chris began to pray, my womb began to contract and became as hard as rock. I had to bend over. I had suffered for sixteen years with multiple fibroids, ovarian cysts and excessive bleeding due to an enlarged uterus. Even at the age of 55, I was still bleeding heavily and was easily exhausted due to anaemia. But after prayer, not only did the bleeding stop but I had a complete menopause. The bleeding and that weakness are gone – totally gone. I know this is not just menopause because it had haunted me for 16 years. I had even come to think it was normal, natural. I was paralysed by my lack of strength. But after prayer, as I became 56 years old, I am no longer anaemic and feel like I’m in my 30s. I am very healthy and strong! I am healed both physically and spiritually. I thank Jesus! I thank Brother Chris and God’s Heart TV. Thank you!”

Healed Through Brother Chris' Prayer On YouTube!
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