Isaiah 43:7 – “Everyone who is called by my name, whom I created for my glory, whom I formed and made.”

The Bible tells us that we are created for the glory of God. He is the Divine Designer, the Master Planner, the Unseen Hand that controls the affairs of men. Therefore, as a Christian, whatever situation you are facing is actually unto the glory of God – no matter how unpleasant or unsettling it seems. However, it’s often difficult to appreciate this when you are in the midst of life’s troubles and trials! It takes proper reflection in the light of God’s Word to recognise this life-changing reality – that you are not the central character in the story; God is!  

Focusing on Him will put whatever you are facing in its proper perspective. Because if you know that your situation is unto the glory of God, this understanding would impart strength to endure and joy to conquer! It is unfortunate to witness so many people murmur, worry, complain daily – because their lives are centred on how they are doing, how they are feeling and how they are treated. It’s not about you; it’s all about Jesus – He is the Central Character.

PRAYER – Ask God to strengthen your desire and determination to serve Him, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ!