“My name is Prudentia. I was born in Cameroon but have lived in the United States of America for over 20 years. My son had been living a reckless life for over ten years. Our problems started in 2013 when my marriage ended in a divorce. My son rebelled and was getting in trouble, especially with the police. The police called me one time to say they were looking for my son because he was involved in accidents and driving violations. They asked me to tell him to turn himself in and I drove him to the police station myself and he turned himself in. He would even break into our friend’s house, take their cars and drove off at night. I had packed his things out of his room, locked the room and asked him to move out but he refused. I would lock the doors but he came at night and got in through the windows. He was also involved in clubbing and getting drunk with his friends.

“I sent my prayer request to God’s Heart TV in January of 2024. He refused to join me in the prayers but I took his picture. When Brother Chris prayed for family members, I held his picture up. I continued joining the monthly interactive prayers every month since January 2024. I told myself I would never give up! My son had told me he was studying online for over two years but I didn’t believe him because he often lied to me. Another time he told me he had done an IT Program and got a part-time job and I still thought he was lying. Finally, in May 2024, he told me a company had hired him full-time in an IT job. One week later, the company sent him a brand-new work computer to my address. He told me it’s for his new job but I still didn’t believe. Last Sunday, I attended a graduation ceremony of a friend’s daughter and my friends were telling me, ‘Congratulations for your son’s new job’. All his friends were telling me the same thing. His best friend asked me, ‘Has he told you the good news?’ Then it dawned on me this was real. I came home and by this time, my son had already gone to the new city where he was hired.

“I broke down and started weeping for a long time. I knelt down and kept saying, ‘Thank You, Lord!’ Even right now, I’m still overwhelmed with joy and I’m so grateful to God. The Lord has wiped away my tears and saved me from the shame! My advice is that during hard times we should never give up, no matter how hard it seems. God is faithful and will take us through the darkest valley! Even though we walk through the valley of the shadow of death, we will fear no evil for He is with us. He promised that when we walk through the fire, He will be with us and the flames will not set us ablaze.

“I also have another testimony. Prior to the Interactive Prayer Service in January, I had not been communicating with my siblings, especially my brother for many years. I then started listening to Brother Chris’ sermon on forgiveness. It was a very tough thing to do but after I’d listened to the sermon several times, I decided to call my brother and I told him I had forgiven him for everything. I had earlier told my sisters the same, that I had forgiven them and they should also forgive me also for anything I’d done to them in the past. It was very painful for me but by God’s grace I went through with the call. The first call did not go too well but I followed suit with messaging and communicating with my brother. It took many weeks but finally my brother started responding and our communication and relationship was restored! My brother also travelled from Yaoundé to Bamenda, a distance of over 371km to see one of my sisters he had not been speaking with for over three years. He visited her and they had a very good discussion. I’m very grateful to God that the relationship with my brothers and sisters has been restored.

“Thank You, Jesus! Thank you, Brother Chris, and God Heart TV for your prayers for my family. May God continue to use you mightily and may the Lord increase your coast and strengthen you to preach His Word with signs and wonders to the ends of the earth! May the Lord richly bless you and expand your coast. May the Lord open for you the windows of Heaven and pour down for you such a blessing that you will not have enough room to receive it in Jesus Christ name. Amen!”