“Grace and peace unto you! My name is Mmathapelo from South Africa and I was opportune to join the Interactive Prayer Service with Brother Chris in April 2023. When I submitted my prayer request, I was on the verge of giving up. Life was just upside down for me in every area. No matter how much I prayed and fasted or how dedicated I was as a child of God, the challenges just seemed too much. I was facing joblessness for over fifteen years and had lost hope. I also had evil dreams, bad luck, failure in everything I tried to succeed in, setbacks, stagnancy, disappointment… the list was endless!

But the major problem was in my finances as I was jobless for so many years. It was really difficult to make ends meet and I also suffered rejection in my family. No one wanted to associate with me because I had been jobless for so long. I watched everyone detach themselves from me, rendering me a loner and isolated. The people I loved lost interest in me. I couldn’t even go to family gatherings as I had no proper clothes or even money to put on the table to support whatever function being held. I suffered silently and it slowly led to depression. I saw snakes in my dream and had such bad nightmares that I didn’t even want to sleep anymore.

I began following Brother Chris on Facebook and by God’s grace, I was opportune to be join the Interactive Prayer Service in April and then the Word of Encouragement Service on April 22nd 2023. On the April 26th, the day after my birthday, I received a call from an Airline company to come for an interview. Because of many disappointments, I didn’t even take the call seriously, thinking it would be like every other time where I would receive calls but nothing happened. So, when a date for the interview was communicated, I became very nervous! On May 1st 2023, I went for an interview at a company named ‘FlyFofa Airways and Aviation Training’. It is both an airline and a training school for pilots. I was called in a department where they train student pilots. By the grace of God, on that day of the interview, I secured myself a permanent post! And to the glory of God, I started work the following day on May 2nd 2023! I would like to give thanks to God Almighty who saw me through and had mercy on me! Thank God for God’s Heart TV and Brother Chris for the Interactive Prayer Services! I am no longer jobless now. Thank You, Jesus Christ!!!”