“Blessed be the name of the Lord God Almighty for all the way long He has been intervening in my affairs! My name is Regina and I am a nurse from Ghana. On Friday 12th May 2023, I began feeling unwell. The following day on Saturday, I couldn’t get out of bed. I was completely down with fever, chills, catarrh, severe cough, severe headache, difficulty in breathing, malaise, severe lower back pain and overall general body pain. I was very weak, unable to eat or even drink water. I started treatment immediately but things got worse. I was at my worse by Sunday and I thought I was going to die. The treatment I was receiving seemed not to be yielding any positive results.

So, I sent an email to God’s Heart TV, believing God that He would settle my case. A few hours after sending the email, I had a warm sensation all over my body and I began to sweat profusely. I sweat so much – like never before! I began to feel as if I was sweating out all the sickness in my body. It started from my lower back and spread all over my body but after about three hours of constant sweating, I began to feel better! The fever, chills, headache, backache, body pains all left me and I started feeling hungry. I ate and drank water – and it was as though I was never sick at all! Now, I am completely fine and made whole to the glory of God.

I also have another God’s Heart TV testimony! I used to experience setback in everything I did and could not maintain any leadership position given to me. This spirit of limitation and near success-syndrome tormented me so much to the extent that I was made to serve under my juniors at work for so many years. The reproach was just unbearable! I sent my prayer request to God’s Heart TV and was opportune to partake in the Interactive Prayer Service. Then in March 2023, I was called into the office of the Nurse Manager and given an appointment letter as the Nurse in-charge of the Medical Ward of the hospital. I was also appointed as the focal person for effective documentation among nurses in the hospital. So instead of serving under my juniors as I used to, I am now in charge of the nurses! This can only be God! I believe that God, who has started this good work in my life, will perfect all that concerns me – to the glory of God. Thank You, Jesus Christ, is the response from my grateful heart. Thank you, Brother Chris, for allowing yourself to be used by God and for being on your knees for us always.”

My Life CHANGED After Interactive Prayer!