“I had a problem with a breast lump on the right side. I went to the hospital and was examined by the doctor, who put me on medication for a week. After taking the whole course, there was no improvement. I was part of the Interactive Prayer Service on 4th March 2023. During the prayer, I started feeling a warm sensation within me. I started feeling like vomiting and I vomited. I even felt weak. After that, the lump started vanishing or disappearing slowly until now that the lump is no more on the right side of the breast. In addition to this testimony, I was also joined by my family and friends who also started manifesting. Others were vomiting. Others were even moving up and down. And I believed they all received deliverance and healing. Thank You, Jesus, for this deliverance. Thank you!” – Linda, Zambia

"Thank GOD For Healing My Heart!" | Interactive Prayer Testimony