“We want to thank the Almighty God for this amazing blessing! In December 2022, we joined an Interactive Prayer Service with Brother Chris. The problem we had was that we were married for seven years without a child. This was due to double tubal blockage. Medically, I couldn’t conceive. But to our surprise, God manifested Himself. By His mercy, He answered all our prayers and I am now three months pregnant! Glory be to God Almighty for His mercy and favour upon our lives! Indeed, God is great! Our faith has been lifted up. We have even more reasons to praise Him! Thank You, Jesus, from a happy heart! This miracle has really strengthened my Christian walk. We will maintain this blessing by praying and reading the Word of God daily. It was a difficult journey because people used to talk negatively about us. We were the talk of the community. But now, God has wiped away our tears and made us happy! Thank You, Jesus! Jesus, You are Lord!” – Loveness, Zambia

My Powerful Revelation Of JESUS During Prayer!