A Cry For My Generation

I cry for my generation.
Shackled in the chains they call freedom.
Tethered to the peg they call reason.
Moulded by materialism; lost in lust.
Empty in the pursuit of fullness.
Hollow in the search for wholeness.

I cry for my generation.
Promises so profound; destinies so Divine.
Sacrificed on the altar of convenience.
Birth rights traded for a plate of food.
Fading blessings for jaded souls.
Temporal highs for moral lows.
Dream draining and strength sapping.

I cry for my generation.
Lulled into a false sense of security by vain delusions of fantasy.
Skirting the periphery of who they are meant to be.
Looking for what is not even lost.
Searching for what lies within.

I pray for my generation.
For nothing in this world can satisfy.
Only Jesus holds the answer to this cry.
Only Jesus has the answer for this cry.

‘A Cry For My Generation’ is a poem written by Brother Chris on December 12th 2018.

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