Hebrews 2:14, ‘Since the children, as He calls them, are people of flesh and blood, Jesus Himself became like them and shared their human nature. He did this so that through His death He might destroy the devil, who has the power over death.’         

The devil is a liar, a loser, a failure and a fraudster who has been defeated and disgraced at the Cross of Calvary. No darkness can stand in the brilliance of God’s light; no lie can last in the light of His truth. Before Christ and those who take their position in the believer’s authority, the devil is powerless.

One of the chief lies championed by the devil, which has deceived many immature Christians today, is that he still has a stronghold in your life, even after you become a believer and after deliverance. For example, if after prayer you don’t experience any seemingly significant change in your circumstance in the natural, many are quick to find blame and point fingers at factors beyond their control. This elevates the devil to a place of influence he doesn’t deserve and redirects responsibility away from yourself. The only power the devil possesses is the one you bestow upon him (Romans 6:16). Once you are in Christ Jesus genuinely, the devil has no access to your life apart from the doors you open to him.

Don’t dignify the devil with the attention he craves! Many blame the devil for entering the doors they leave open for him after receiving deliverance by saying, ‘I just can’t help myself!’ Whether it’s vocalised or internalised, that language is simply an expression of unwillingness to change. Blaming the devil is indirectly questioning God’s sovereignty and authority. In fact, blaming the devil is coded language for unwillingness to completely surrender to God.

God will not come down from Heaven and do for you what you must do yourself. So, if upon reflection, you recognise that you are at fault, you’ve taken a wrong step, what do you do? Get back on track, repent, return to God, run to God. His grace is ever sufficient.

Prayer: Whatever stands between your heart and total surrender to God – be removed right now, in Jesus’ name.