My Life CHANGED After Interactive Prayer!

“My name is Clarisse from Denmark. Last year, I was going through severe heart palpitations, high blood pressure and high blood sugar levels. I was so sick; I could not do anything. When I was walking, especially if I tried to walk fast, it felt like my heart was going to fall into my stomach because of the way it was palpitating. Even to turn on my bed, I had to do it slowly. For the palpitation, they put me under treatment to slow down the heartbeat. And to balance the sugar, they gave me medication. Oh my God! I was so bad. I said, ‘God, one day you will see me through.’ And that day came on 3rd September 2022. I had the privilege to join the God’s Heart TV Interactive Prayer Service. My brothers and sisters, since that day – my life changed! I’m so free! That day when Brother Chris was praying, I could feel the presence of the Holy Spirit. I was vibrating and receiving! And since that day, no more high blood pressure. No more high blood sugar level! No more palpitations. I am so free! Thank You, Jesus, for using Brother Chris to give me my life back. My brothers and sisters, when you join an Interactive Prayer Service, come with a forgiving heart. Throw away all your grudges in the garbage. Come and receive the way I received my own! You will be free and free forever, in the name of Jesus. God bless your ministry, Brother Chris. God bless all the team of God’s Heart TV. Thank you so much.”