“My name is Emeliah from Zimbabwe. We give glory and honour to God Almighty for what He has done for us. My husband was out of contract for the past nine months. He applied to many organisations but to no avail. Some of them never replied and others sent only regrets. Life was changing every day at home. We were living in debts and the money I was earning could not cover our basic needs. Frustration, setback and disappointment became the order of the day. “I sent an email with our prayer request to God’s Heart TV. I was opportune to be invited to the Interactive Prayer Service on 6th May. I connected with faith, knowing that there is never a situation Jesus Christ cannot change! That same month, he was called for an interview on 18th May. We waited patiently and prayerfully. Indeed, they called him to start work on the 1st June! We are so grateful to God. He restored our hope and joy. Thank you, Brother Chris, and the God’s Heart TV Team for interceding on our behalf. Indeed, God is faithful!”

My Life CHANGED After Interactive Prayer!
My Powerful Revelation Of JESUS During Prayer!