Isaiah 43:7, ‘Everyone who is called by My Name, Whom I have created for My glory, Whom I have formed, even whom I have made.’

Many today ask, out of frustration, discouragement or because of what they are facing in life, ‘what is my purpose in life?’ Is your purpose determined by your geographical location, the circumstance of your birth, the mistakes you have made in the past or your present condition? No! The Bible is very clear: you are created for the glory of God – that is your purpose!

We must build our lives around the pursuit of spiritual purpose, not fleshly fulfilment. Many people have money but not peace of heart. Fame, popularity, material success are not measurements of fulfilment. The measurement of fulfilment is not carnal but spiritual. So don’t exhaust your time, energy, passion and talent in the pursuit of something that is perishable.

The challenge before us is not one of purpose – it is one of focus. God determines your purpose but you determine your focus. Your purpose is destined – it’s Divine!

But your focus is your decision – it’s a matter of personal discipline. So what is hindering focus in the pursuit of purpose?

The genuine pursuit of your purpose will lead you to cultivate these habits of holiness:

1. Every day, talk to God in prayer.
2. Every day, let God talk to you by reading the Bible.
3. Every day, talk to someone else about God.
By doing these things on a daily basis, you are taking care of the depth of your relationship with God and God will take care of the breadth of your fulfilment as you carry out your God-given purpose in life.

Prayer: Lord Jesus Christ, I surrender to Your Will. Help me to say whatever You want me to say, to go wherever You want me to go, to be who You want me to be, to live for Your glory and not my own. In Jesus’ name, amen.